Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spiritual Points

Spiritual Points for each day of morning prayer during the Experiment.
Monday 7 July
Starting Point – God’s Love is Faithful
During today’s Experiment activity, you will walk in the footsteps of Mary MacKillop; you will bear witness to the difficulties she faced in supporting her family, her religious community and her work. In all her dark times she was never alone for she relied on God’s love and with God’s love was able to overcome every difficult she faced. During today’s experiment reflect on how Mary’s life was a reflection of God’s love for her.

Tuesday 8 July
Foundation – God Forgives Me
During our Aboriginal Mass reflect on the way Mary MacKillop went against the norm of her time by accepting Aboriginal students into her schools and treating them no differently to white children at a time when this was frowned upon. Like Jesus before her she freely shared God’s love with all she encountered. During today’s Experiment activity, reflect on times when you have failed to share God’s love with others, or been unable to accept God’s love for you.

Wednesday 9 July
First Stage - Christ Invites Me to be a Companion
During today’s Experiment activity reflect on where Jesus is calling you to bring God’s love to the world, in your life, with your resources; remembering we are never asked to go beyond our means.

Thursday 10 July
The Call of Christ - Companionship with Jesus in Ministry
Mary MacKillop gave everything she had and more to help people, she went into debt, she begged on the streets, she went without food. On hearing two of her novices were being sent on a long train ride without any food she ran to find them before the train pulled out to give them food for the journey. We may think we have nothing to offer at this stage in our lives but Mary MacKillop shows us even when we have nothing for ourselves we have the great love of God to share and proclaim. As you engage in Mary’s ministries today think about what you have to offer and how you can give this to God’s people.

Friday 11 July
Second Stage - Two Ways of Living
Living in the light of Jesus is not easy, Mary MacKillop’s life shows us how difficult following Jesus can be; from excommunication to debt to horrific migraines. Yet the years before she took her vows were the unhappiest of her life, no matter how difficult following Jesus is, it brings with it unmatched contentment in the depths of our souls. While following Jesus means going against the grain of society it always means a life of emersion in the love and light of God. As you leave this experiment reflect on where God is challenging you to walk off the popular road and cross onto the rugged path to Jesus.
Image: Mary's Divine Providence by Maree Azzopardi*

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